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Fostering healthy connections with ourselves, each other, and the planet, through education and example.

Sage Valley represents many things to many people, but at its core, it is the foundation of a community of people who believe that better ways of living are right before us, and are dedicated to sharing these through action.

As a registered nonprofit organization, our mission is to foster healthy connections with ourselves, each other, and the planet, through education and example.

Among the many things we share is a vision of a better world, in which we live in harmony with each other and nature. A world where we all have access to whole foods, clean water, and housing provided from the beautiful planet we share. We come together to live by example, to create the change we want to see, and to act collectively in influencing the culture of our society so that it will one day reflect the values we hold.

The land operates as an event space, an education center, a farm, and a forming ecovillage.

Aspects of Sage Valley

Sage Valley is composed of many operating parts and initiatives, all working symbiotically to achieve a common goal.

The Land

Sage Valley is a 17 acre plot in Southern Indiana with woods, marshland, a pond, a stream, hills, fields and a diverse abundance of plants and animals. It is actively being developed as a community space, an ecovillage, a farm, and an education center.

The Community

The Village

Sage Valley will be home for a small community of residents. These residents will live on the property, operate the farm, gardens, and maintain the grounds to support the school, prepare for events, and other programs.

The Farm and Garden

Currently, Sage Valley hosts a community garden, which provides food for the residents, as well as sheep, which provide wool. In the future, the garden will be expanded to provide food for events and market, more animals will be introduced, though none will be kept for meat, and a number of cash crops, including hops, will be maintained by residents.

The School

The Tribe Kids Nature School calls Sage Valley its home, where class meets weekly in the spring, summer, and fall to play in and learn from the natural world. Freedom to explore and grow in Nature is fundamental to our core values that diverse, multi-age, child-led education is essential to protecting and producing healthy, peaceful communities. Respecting Mother Nature and each other is the only rule. We welcome anyone who wants to experience the vast array of lessons that the land and the community has to offer during scheduled class days. Our school is open to any age and is available for the whole family to enjoy or for parents to drop off their students to be guided by trusted adult teachers. Fees are on a sliding scale to make these wonderful opportunities available to everyone.

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